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UGA welcomes new faculty

Thomas Baker is a new faculty member in kinesiology.

College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

Agricultural and Applied Economics
—Berna Karali

Agricultural Leadership, Education and Communication—Alan Christian Morgan

Animal and Dairy Science—Kylee Jo Johnson and Alexander M. Stelzleni

Biological and Agricultural Engineering—Chittaranjan Ray

Biological and Agricultural Engineering Research, Coastal Plain Station—Changying Li

Crop and Soil Sciences—Glen Lorin Ritchie

Center for Agribusiness and Economic Development, Cooperative Extension—James A. Daniels

Entomology Research, College—Zhimou Wen

Food Science and Technology, Cooperative Extension—Karina G. Martin

Horticulture—Anish Malladi

Horticulture, Cooperative Extension—Matthew R. Chappell

Northeast District, Cooperative Extension—Leigh Anne Phelps Aaron, Virginia Tharpe Brown, Jacquelyn H. Dallas, Andrew Michael Haygood, Clay Talton and Janet Ramay Woodard

Northwest District, Cooperative Extension—Elizabeth M. Carlan-Watson, Brenda Lee Darby, Louise Estabrook, Michelle M. Lewis, Taber Ashley Poland and Kristen C. Smith

Poultry Science Research College—Kristen Jean Navara

Southeast District, Cooperative Extension—Shanna Waters Davis, Marnie Amerson Dekle, John Robert Edalgo, Heidi L. Flowers, Bryan C. McElvany and Kimberly Fulse Thomas

Southwest District, Cooperative Extension—Jennifer Robbins, Andrea Lee Scarrow and Cheri Davis Whitehurst

College of Arts and Sciences       

Anthropology—Julie Velasquez Runk

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology—Zachary Arthur Wood

Cellular Biology—Cordula Schulz

Chemistry—Todd C. Harrop

Comparative Literature—Foong Janice Kam

English—Amanda Gailey, Shigeto Kawahara, Christopher Pizzino, Channette Romero and Chloe Wigston Smith

Geography—Lan Mu

Germanic and Slavic Studies—Katerina Somers Wicka

History—Stephen William Berry, Brian Allen Drake, Bethany E. Moreton, Leeann G. Reynolds and Karen Sivertsen

Mathematics—Benjamin Jones, Svetlana Krat, Neil Lyall and Jesse Ratzkin

Microbiology—Wendy A. Dustman and Margie Margarita Paz

School of Music—Gary Dipasquasio, Gregg Gausline, John Patrick Lynch, Lawrence Shuster and Andrew Trachsel

Philosophy—Melissa Seymour

Physics and Astronomy—Craig C. Wiegert and Benhui Yang

Plant Biology—Wolfgang R. Lukowitz and Xiaoyu Zhang

Psychology—Sarah F. Fischer and Megan L. Knowles

Religion—Haider Bhuiyan and Wayne M. Coppins

Romance languages—Mark D. Anderson and Robert S. Bellew

School of Art—Ian C. Hagarty, Margaret W. Morrison, Mary Hallam Pearse, David Thomas Sandlin, Rick J. Silva and Stefaan Van Liefferinge

Sociology—Joyce Marie Bell

Speech Communication—Darrel Enck-Wanzer and Kelly E. Happe

Statistics—Lily Wang

Theatre and Film Studies—Jonathan H. Frome and Ivan Wesley Ingermann

Women’s Studies—Aisha Shennette Durham

College of Business                 

Banking and Finance—Matej Blasko, Rajesh P. Narayanan and Tao Shu

Dean’s Office—Robert T. Sumichrast

Economics—M. Katherine Cloud, Jason C. Rudbeck and Caroliniana Sandifer

Insurance/Legal Studies/Real Estate—Thomas R. Berry-Stoelzle

School of Accounting—Swati S. Bhandarkar and Andrew Crafton Call

School of Ecology

Jacqueline E. Mohan

College of Education               

Communication Sciences and Special Education—Sheri Berkeley, John Patrick Murray Finn and Jane H. Harvey

Counseling and Human Development—Anneliese A. Singh

Educational Psychology and Instructional Technology—Gregory Neil Clinton, Elizabeth Connell Pee, Jonathan L. Templin and Kellie Leigh Thompson

Dean’s Office—Sheneka M.Williams

Elementary and Social Studies Education

Stephanie Renee Jones and Amy Noelle Parks

Kinesiology—Thomas A. Baker and Lesley J. White

Language and Literacy Education—Viktoria V. Driagina and Jennifer Michelle Graff

Lifelong Education, Administration and Policy—Khalil Mohamad Dirani

Mathematics and Science Education—Annamarie Conner, Andrea Kay Knapp and Michael P. Mueller

Workforce Education, Leadership and Social Foundations—John Mutungi Mativo

College of Environment and Design     

School of Environmental Design—Shelley Cannady, Brad E. Davis and Andrew Alan Fox

College of Family and Consumer Sciences

Dean’s Office—Laura Dunn Jolly

Child and Family Development—Amy M. Kay

Extension Family and Consumer Sciences—Sandra H. Foster

Housing and Consumer Economics—Swarnankur Chatterjee, Nathaniel Joseph Harness and Diann C. Moorman

Textiles, Merchandising and Interiors—Margaret Dale Woosnam

School of Law

Harlan G. Cohen, Lisa Milot and Christian Turner

College of Pharmacy

Trina J. von Waldner

Clinical and Administrative Pharmacy—Daniel Keith Forrister, Carolyn S. Hunter, Nikesh C. Patel, Beth Bryles Phillips, Sukhmani Sarao and Flynn W. Warren Jr.

Pharmacology and Biomedical Sciences—Jason Allan Zastre

School of Public and International Affairs

International Affairs—Clemente Quinones

Political Science—David J. Berggren, Allison Joann Clark and Richard Lee Vining

Public Administration and Policy—Chao Guo

College of Public Health

Epidemiology and Biostatistics—Sangwook Kang and Steven Raymond Valeika

Health Policy and Management—Ashley C. Wells

College of Veterinary Medicine      

Infectious Diseases—James P. Barber and Matthew J. Sylte

Large Animal Medicine—Brett Tennent-Brown

Pathology—Tamas Nagy

Physiology and Pharmacology—Xiaoqin Ye

Small Animal Medicine—Kate E. Creevy, Christine V. Fiorello and Spencer Alan Johnston

School of Social Work   

Kimberly Sledge Clay

Office of the Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost

Leslie A. Lee

Institute of the Faculty of Engineering—Mark Haidekker and John R. Schramski

Office of Institutional Diversity—Ernest Brothers

Libraries, General Operations—Adrienne Button and Emily Hopkins Luken

Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs 

Counseling and Psychological Services—Shana Valere Hamilton

University Health Services—Joy K. Harden, William Jeffrey  Henderson and Tricia L. Leslie

Office of the Vice President for Instruction   

Academic Enhancement—Gara Field

Institute of Higher Education—Karen Webber Bauer

Service-Learning—Shannon O. Wilder

Office of the Vice President for Public Service and Outreach

Farrah R. Senn

Business Outreach Services—Richard A. Martin

Continuing Education: Executive Director’s Office—William R. Crowe

Institute of Government—James M. Austin, Michael D. Beck, Amanda K. Parker and Malik R. Watkins

Marine Extension Service—Douglas S. Atkinson and Elizabeth Ann Brown

The list includes all known new full-time faculty members whose start dates occur between July 1, 2007, and Dec. 31, 2007.