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UGA welcomes new faculty

Lohitash Karumbaiah

Below is a list of new tenured and tenure-track faculty who have joined the university since the previous list was published in Columns a year ago. This information was provided by the Office of Faculty Affairs, which acts as a liaison between the university and the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia on matters related to faculty appointment, promotion and tenure.

College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

Koushik Adhikari, assistant professor, food science and technology; Amrit Bart, professor and assistant dean, animal and dairy science; Gaelen R Burke, assistant professor, entomology; Dario Chavez Velasquez, assistant professor, horticulture; Xiangyu Deng, assistant professor, food science and technology; Kristopher Elliott, assistant professor, agricultural leadership, education and communication; Lohitash Karumbaiah, assistant professor, animal and dairy science; Craig Landry, associate professor, agricultural and applied economics; Walter Scott Monfort, associate professor, crop and soil sciences; Suzanne O’Connell, assistant professor, horticulture; Wesley Porter, assistant professor, crop and soil sciences; Eric D. Rubenstrein, assistant professor, agricultural leadership, education and communication; Travis Smith, assistant professor, agricultural and applied economics; and Sha Tao, assistant professor, animal and dairy science.

Franklin College of Arts and Sciences

Edward Paul Asmus, professor, music; Thomas Biggs, assistant professor, classics; Suzanne Birch, assistant professor, anthropology and geography; Jianfu Chen, assistant professor, genetics and biochemistry and molecular biology; Paola C. De Santo, assistant professor, Romance languages; Eric Matthew Ferreira, associate professor, chemistry, Emily Frey, assistant professor, music; Christopher P. Garvin, professor and director, art; Noah Giansiracusa, assistant professor, mathematics; Forest Isbell, assistant professor, plant biology; Kevin Jones, assistant professor, history; Christian Klimczak, assistant professor, geology; Justin Lavner, assistant professor, psychology; Kyu Hyung Lee, assistant professor, computer science; Ping Ma, associate professor, statistics; Akos Magyar, professor, mathematics; Peter A. O’Connell, assistant professor, classics and communication studies; Margaret Renwick, assistant professor, Romance languages; Leslie Gordon Simons, professor, sociology; Ronald L. Simons, professor, sociology; Philip Adrian Smith, William and Pamela Prokasy Professor of Arts, music; Julie Dangremond Stanton, assistant professor, cellular biology; Tamara Sonia Thomas, assistant professor, dance; Cynthia J. Turner, professor and director of bands, music; Yuanfei Wang, assistant professor, comparative literature; Frans Weiser, assistant professor, comparative literature; Izola Wilson, John O. Eidson Distinguished Professor of American Literature, English; and Hang Yin, assistant professor, biochemistry.

Terry College of Business

James Conklin, assistant professor, insurance, legal studies and real estate; Zhongjin Lu, assistant professor, finance; Robert Resutek, assistant professor, accounting; Joshua T. White, assistant professor, finance; and Laura Zimmermann, assistant professor, economics and international affairs.

Odum School of Ecology

Craig W. Osenberg, professor; and Seth Jonathan Wenger, assistant professor.

College of Education

Janet Buckworth, professor and department head, kinesiology; Jarrod A. Call, assistant professor, kinesiology; Ashley Harrison, assistant professor, educational psychology; H. George McMahon, assistant professor, counseling and human development services; Darris Means, assistant professor, counseling and human development services; Karl Maxim Newell, professor and associate dean, kinesiology; and Trena M. Paulus, professor, lifelong education, administration and policy.

College of Engineering

Robert Davis, assistant professor; Eric Freeman, assistant professor; Karen M. Hallow, assistant professor, engineering and epidemiology and biostatistics; Lawrence Hornak, professor and associate dean; and Ramana Pidaparti, professor.

College of Environment and Design

Brian Cook, assistant professor; and Clark Scott Nesbit, assistant professor.

College of Family and Consumer Sciences

Leann Birch, Bill and June Flatt Professor, foods and nutrition; Heidi Ewen, assistant professor, financial planning, housing and consumer economics and health promotion and behavior; Sergiy Minko, Georgia Power Professor of Fiber and Polymer Science, textiles, merchandising and interiors and chemistry; Desiree Michele Seponski, assistant professor, human development and family science; and Emilie Phillips Smith, Janette McGarity Barber Distinguished Professor and department head, human development and family science.

Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources

Bertram Bynum Boley, assistant professor; Bronson Bullock, associate professor; and Puneet Dwivedi, assistant professor.

Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication

Yan Jin, associate professor, advertising and public relations; Maria Elizabeth Len-Rios, associate professor, advertising and public relations; Ivanka Pjesivac, assistant professor, journalism; and Pamela Whitten, professor and provost, telecommunications, health policy and management and communication studies.

College of Pharmacy

Ewan K. Cobran, assistant professor, clinical and administrative pharmacy; Russell J. Mumper, professor and vice provost, pharmaceutical and biomedical sciences and engineering; Scott D. Pegan, associate professor, pharmaceutical and biomedical sciences; and Elisabeth Lilian Pia Sattler, assistant professor, clinical and administrative pharmacy and foods and nutrition.

School of Public and International Affairs

Lihi Ben Shitrit, assistant professor, international affairs; Temirlan Moldogaziev, assistant professor, public administration and policy; and Bradley Wright, professor and department head, public administration and policy.

College of Public Health

Grace Bagwell Adams, assistant professor, health policy and management; Tamora A. Callands, assistant professor, health promotion and behavior; and Janani R. Thapa, assistant professor, health policy and management.

School of Social Work

Rebecca A. Matthew, assistant professor.

College of Veterinary Medicine

Matthew Boegehold, professor, physiology and pharmacology and GRU/UGA Medical Partnership; Maria Ferrer, associate professor, large animal medicine; Samuel Patrick Franklin, assistant professor, small animal medicine and surgery; Brian James Jordan, assistant professor, population health and poultry science; Koichi Nagata, assistant professor, veterinary biosciences and diagnostic imaging; Jesse Schank, assistant professor, physiology and pharmacology.