Campus News

UGA wireless network to undergo changes

Enterprise Information Technology Services will launch a new wireless network for campus guests July 19. Students, faculty and staff with a valid UGA MyID are asked to exclusively use the existing PAWS-Secure network for wireless Internet access.

For people without a UGA MyID the network, Welcome to UGA, will be available July 19. At that time another campus wireless network-PAWS-will no longer be available.

“Most people using our wireless network are connected to PAWS-Secure, which we launched in 2011,” said Brian Rivers, associate CIO for information security. “But, we want everyone with a valid UGA MyID to switch from PAWS to PAWS-Secure to provide additional security for all of their work and personal devices.”

PAWS-Secure, which requires a one-time registration, encrypts data sent between a computer, phone or tablet connected to a wireless access point.

The wireless network changes will affect users at the UGA Athens campus as well as at extended campuses in Griffin, Buckhead and Gwinnett.