Campus News

UGAMail upgrade

The university will migrate from Microsoft’s Live@edu platform to its cloud-based email, calendar and task service, Office 365 Education, starting at 6 p.m. on Aug. 2.

The upgrade is expected to end the evening of Aug. 4, however, it could take additional time.

After the upgrade, users will have two accounts: their UGAMail account, which is managed by the university for email, calendar and task functions; and their personal Microsoft consumer account, which is managed by Microsoft.

When the upgrade is complete, users will be asked to verify their Microsoft consumer accounts. The upgrade will not change UGAMail account usernames or passwords.

Before the upgrade, users should ensure their software is up-to-date for Office 365 Education.

Some older software packages—such as Office 2003 or Internet Explorer 7—will not be supported.

As part of the technical upgrade, users will be unable to establish or change their UGA MyID names and passwords starting on the evening of Aug. 2 and possibly up to a week later.

UGA MyID names and passwords may be manually changed during that time by contacting the EITS Help Desk.