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Unique mouse profiled in ecologist’s book

Professor edits book on horse lameness
Manual of Equine Lameness Edited by Gary M. Baxter Wiley-Blackwell $79.99
The Golden Mouse: Ecology and Conservation
Gary W. Barrett and George A. Feldhammer

No group of mammals has more species than Rodentia. With close to 2,300 recognized species throughout the world, rodents comprise about 42 percent of all living mammalian species. These mammals can have a major impact on human life. They can be major crop depredators, vectors of disease and important models for scientific research. The golden mouse is considered by many to be the most charismatic and ecologically unique of the mammalian microfauna.

The Golden Mouse: Ecology and Conservation co-authored by Gary Barrett, a professor in UGA’s Odum School of Ecology, is the first attempt to draw together what is known about the golden mouse ranging from systematics, natural history and population dynamics to co-existence, nesting behavior and semi-arboreal living in managed and natural ecological systems.

In this scholarly work, the golden mouse is used as a model to explore conceptual issues in ecology across levels of organization from organism to landscape, integrating reductionism and holistic ecological science. The book will interest students and professionals in conservation biology, ecology, mammalogy and wildlife management as well as readers interested in natural history.