Campus News

University steps up its recycling

UGA has increased its campus recycling efforts with a focus on sustainability.

As part of a pilot program, nine bottle and can recycling bins have been installed on Herty Drive, Sanford Drive, South Jackson Street, Field Street and Carlton Street. These bins accept drink containers as well as other materials recyclable in Athens-Clarke County, such as plastics numbered one and two.

This program will generate data to determine the style of container to install for future campus recycling bins for pedestrian use.

Since April 1, bottle and can recycling bins have been provided to buildings across campus, and the Physical Plant’s support services division plans to create partnerships to install more recycling bins­ in each building on campus-at least one per floor and one per drink machine.

UGA also recycles paper, construction materials and, at the automotive shop, tires and oil. Many buildings have dumpsters for cardboard and other recyclable paper products.

The university has an extensive composting program, in which leaf and limb debris are turned into mulch for the grounds department. Physical Plant is planning to expand the composting program and is exploring ways to increase the amount recycled on campus to decrease waste that ends up in the landfill.

To obtain a desk-side recycling bin, have a bin emptied, inquire about a paper recycling dumpster or to ask questions about recycling on campus, contact UGA’s recycling coordinator, Andrew Lentini at (706) 542-3152 or