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University’s inclement weather policy and notification process

During periods of inclement winter weather, UGA follows a set procedure for announcing operational changes.

The university makes one of three announcements: UGA is open and operating on a regular schedule; UGA is closed; or UGA will delay opening until a specific time.

Notices are posted on Twitter and Facebook, an all-campus email is sent via ArchNews and the announcement also is published on the UGA home page (

Information also is provided to Athens radio stations and Atlanta TV and radio ­stations.

In Athens, inclement winter weather often develops overnight. In such cases and depending on conditions, attempts are made to post announcements and notify media by 6:30 a.m. for the start of the class day. If the inclement weather develops during morning rush hour or during daytime on a school/workday, the same notification procedures listed above are followed.

When weather conditions are such that closings occur two or more days in succession, the procedure is followed each day, with an announcement being made each day by 6:30 a.m. In that conditions can change unexpectedly overnight, an evening announcement usually will not be made for the next day except in the most extreme weather circumstances.

On days when UGA generally is scheduled to be closed (Saturdays, Sundays and holidays), the university does not usually make blanket closing announcements. Departments and units that have normal operations on weekends and holidays, or units planning to host or present special programs on those days, should make their own prior arrangements with employees and participants, notifying them how to proceed in case of inclement weather.

When UGA officially is closed, it is closed for everyone: faculty, staff and students. Departments will designate in advance those expected to report to work during a weather emergency.

Announcements for weather closings at UGA campuses in Buckhead, Gwinnett, Griffin and Tifton are handled by those campus administrators separately from the main campus announcements.