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Vet Med student’s externships reaffirm future plans

Grad 2015. Alexandria Byas-h.env
Alexandria Byas

At UGA, students aren’t limited to learning inside the classroom. One graduating student shares how her hands-on learning experience impacted her UGA academic experience and her life. 

Alexandria Byas
Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine
Veterinary externships participant

“My externships reaffirmed my desire to go into pathology; my experiences in the hospital reaffirmed why I’m becoming a veterinarian: to help animals and the people who come with them… As a future pathologist, when I diagnose a patient’s tumor, it makes a difference to the surgeon who removes it, the oncologist who gives radiation therapy and the owner who gets more time with a happier, healthy pet.”

What’s next: Residency and Ph.D. at Colorado State University

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