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VPN access changes on Jan. 3

If you use UGA’s Remote Access Virtual Private Network to access university systems, you will soon need to use ArchPass Duo.

Beginning Jan. 3, access to all VPN groups will require use of ArchPass Duo, UGA’s two-factor authentication system.

Two-factor authentication requires “something you know” (such as a password) and “something you have” (such as a physical device) to access specified systems. This process requires users to verify their identities by providing both a password and a physical device.

At UGA, the “something you have” is a mobile device, tablet or landline enrolled with ArchPass Duo used in conjunction with a UGA MyID password to access UGA systems.

Currently, only users who need access to restricted data are required to use ArchPass Duo to authenticate. If you are not already an ArchPass user, you can self-enroll a cell phone, landline or tablet in ArchPass Duo through the Duo Self-Service Portal on the EITS website. You can find instructions at

When logging in to the VPN, you will be asked for your MyID, password and an ArchPass Duo authentication method. Users who have not been granted privileges to access restricted data should use the default VPN group.

Source: Enterprise Information Technology Services