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W-2s ready for 2017 tax return prep

The Payroll Department has W-2 forms ready for UGA employees if they are needed for filing purposes with 2017 income tax returns.

For employees who receive payroll checks, W-2s will be distributed in the same manner as their payroll checks (i.e. picked up or mailed). Departments will be responsible for distributing the W-2s to their active and inactive employees.

The Payroll Department will mail W-2s to employees shown as terminated in the payroll system.

W-2s are time sensitive and should be distributed immediately. Any W-2 that cannot be quickly distributed to an employee should be mailed by the Jan. 29 deadline. Each department must use its own account number and mailing slip.

Employees who previously elected to receive their W-2 in electronic form will not receive a paper copy from UGA for the 2017 tax year. Instead, these employees will receive an email with instructions for printing a copy of their W-2 from the UGA Self-Service website ( Be aware that the email does not provide a clickable link so employees can be certain that they are going to the actual UGA Self-Service website and are not clicking on a “fake” or “phishing” link.

Employees with questions should contact the Payroll Department at 706-542-3431 or

Source: UGA Payroll Department