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Walk your way to better health

Exercising daily is an important part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and the upcoming Walk Georgia, an eight week, online physical activity program, aims to help people get active in a fun, community-oriented way. Sponsored by UGA’s Cooperative Extension and its partners, the program is open to individuals or teams of four people.

Starting the first week of March, participants can log real-time physical activity virtually at

Each week participants are encouraged to log certain mileages or “milestones.” Each week milestones are increased by 15 miles. The site also offers a chart that converts other activities to their walking equivalent.

As participants accumulate miles, they will be able to navigate a map of Georgia and chart their course to “walk” Georgia. As people move throughout this virtual state, they will be able to view fun facts about each county they visit and learn new ways to improve their health. Participants also will be able to compare their progress with others across the state.

Registration takes place from Feb. 18–March 12. The program concludes April 30. For additional information, contact Maria Bowie at (706) 542-3908 or