Campus News

Water conservation efforts win award

UGA’s success in reducing water usage and promoting water conservation has been recognized with an award from the Georgia Water Wise Council.

The council presented its 2007 Fox McCarthy Certificate of Achievement to the university for its efforts to lower water usage throughout the past five years through such measures as upgrading or retrofitting equipment, composting and sustainable landscaping.

UGA’s water consumption per square foot of building space has dropped by 11 percent since 2003. In the four-month period from November 2007 to February 2008, water usage fell 21 percent compared to the same period a year before. This consumption was 11 percent less than the 10 percent reduction mandated by Gov. Sonny Perdue last fall.

The Georgia Water Wise Council, a unit of the Georgia Association of Water Professionals, noted that UGA’s efforts “stand out for their effectiveness, transferability and assurance of longevity,” and added, “It is our hope that your leadership in the field and your commitment to conserving Georgia’s water resources will inspire other universities to follow your path.”