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Ways to read Columns

Columns is published weekly during the academic year and biweekly during the summer for the faculty and staff of the university by the UGA News Service.

There are many ways you can keep up to date on all the campus news and happenings. The Columns website provides an electronic version of the content printed in each issue. Color photos, available to download, top the articles, which are conveniently categorized to help readers with specific content preferences. The website is updated with fresh content the same date the print issue is published.

Columns email: An email automatically is sent to those UGA faculty and staff who opt out of receiving the paper version of the newspaper. The email is sent the same day the website is updated. Instructions for opting out are listed at

• Columns on An archive of PDF versions of Columns is available at The archive goes back to June 30, 2014, and includes an easy-to-read online viewer. The PDF versions are available to be read on mobile phones as well as tablets.

• Social media: Columns articles are posted to three different social media accounts. A Facebook account with Columns articles and other campus alerts can be found at You can follow Columns on Twitter at The University of Georgia company LinkedIn page also includes Columns content. The LinkedIn page is at