#WelcomeUGA: New semester brings new life to campus

Welcome to fall semester 2015 at the University of Georgia!

This year UGA’s incoming class set a new record for academic quality, with the highest GPA and SAT scores in the university’s 230-year history. First-year students begin fall semester with an average GPA of 3.91 and an average SAT score of 1301. Just five years ago, those figures were 3.83 and 1264, respectively.

The approximately 5,300 first-year students will join returning Bulldogs, faculty, staff and friends of the university in bringing an invigorated and motivated energy to campus. As part of that celebration, campus community members can use #WelcomeUGA on social media to share their excitement about the new year.

The Welcome UGA website is set up as both a place of Bulldog passion as well as a resource that provides a look at what all the university has to offer.

Alongside a stream of campus social media posts are tidbits at UGA, such as information on traditions, a timeline of the university’s storied history and some lesser-known facts.

In keeping with the university’s motto, “to teach, to serve, and to inquire into the nature of things,” feature articles focusing on researching, teaching and service also are on the Welcome UGA site. Related lists provide quick information on ways students can get involved in any or all of the three topics.

The Welcome UGA site also celebrates UGA’s campus with lists that focus on hidden gems at the university or ways to get cultured. Students can find places to study or read up on some campus landmarks. There’s even a list about how to know if you’re a Bulldog.

The website also includes links to other campus resources and pertinent information such as important dates for the fall semester.