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Why I Give: Carmen Comeaux

Carmen Comeaux

Name: Carmen Comeaux

Position: Lecturer, English Department, Franklin College of Arts and Sciences

At UGA: Eight years

Beneficiary of her gift to the university: The Kate Grant Wildlife Treatment Center Fund

Why she contributes: “Every year, a rabbit has her babies in my yard. My husband and I aren’t always aware of it; we only realize that the births have occurred when our dogs find them. One of our dogs always tries to kill them. This year, we were left with an injured, but alive, baby bunny. Neither one of us wanted for that baby to be left in pain, but we didn’t know what we could do to help. We called the vet hospital whose staff said they would take the kit in for treatment. We are very grateful for their help and compassion, so I wanted to give back to the wildlife fund, which helps to support that work. I plan to give more going forward.”

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