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Willson Center to host panel discussion

A roundtable panel on “Women, Hollywood and the #METOO Era” will be held Feb. 23 at 4 p.m. in the Balcony Theatre (Room 400) of the Fine Arts Building. UGA faculty members will assess ongoing hurdles and notable triumphs for women in American filmmaking today.

The panel will include Antje Ascheid, associate professor of film studies; Maryann Erigha, assistant professor of sociology; Kate Fortmueller, assistant professor of entertainment and media studies; and Rielle Navitski, assistant professor of film studies. Richard Neupert, Wheatley Professor of the Arts, will moderate the discussion, which is open free to the public. The audience will be invited to join the ­discussion.

“Every semester for nearly 20 years now, the Willson Center Cinema Roundtables have brought together interdisciplinary panels on an array of film-related topics, from classic movies to the latest trends,” Neupert said. “This semester, my film studies colleagues Antje Ascheid and Rielle Navitski suggested we confront the most compelling and significant issue of our era, women in Hollywood and the #METOO and #TIMESUP movements. This panel provides context to the scandals and frank discussion about the ongoing challenges for women in media today. But we also want to highlight the many truly significant films written, directed and produced by women this year.”

The Willson Center Cinema Roundtable meets to discuss topics of film history, criticism and theory. Neupert, the coordinator of UGA film studies, organizes and moderates the roundtables.