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Working out(doors)

Most people think losing weight or simply getting in shape means spending hours in the gym. But farmers may have everything they need for a fitness-boosting workout right on their land.

Simple adjustments could make big changes. Try adding ropes from barn rafters to climb or do suspended push-ups. Or they could be used for a battle ropes workout by grabbing the ends and slamming them down, alternating sides. Rest long-handled tools across your shoulders and twist from side to side to work your core. For something more gentle, grab a yoga mat and find a peaceful spot on the land for a yoga or Tai Chi session.

Walking instead of taking a four-wheeler is another way to improve fitness, suggests Nathan Eason, a public service representative with the UGA Cooperative Extension.

“You will be more in tune with the needs of your property, and you will burn calories and get fit,” he told Successful Farming at