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Writers remember Conroy’s literary legacy

The New York Times best-selling writer Pat Conroy, who died in 2016, inspired a worldwide legion of devoted fans, but none are more committed to sustaining his literary legacy than the many writers he nurtured.

In Our Prince of Scribes, his fellow writers honor his memory and advance shared understanding of his lasting impact on 20th- and 21st-century literary life in and well beyond the American South.

Conroy’s was a messy fellowship of people from all walks of life. His relationships were complicated, and people and places he thought he’d left behind often circled back to him at crucial moments. The pantheon of contributors include authors, performers and chefs, such as Rick Bragg, Ron Rash, Barbra Streisand, Janis Ian and Nathalie Dupree, as well as family, friends, students and many more.

Each author in this collection shares a slightly different view of Conroy. Through their voices, a vibrant, multifaceted portrait of him comes to life and sheds new light on the writer and the man.