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WUGA-FM and WUGA-TV win Georgia Association of Broadcasters Awards

WUGA-FM and WUGA-TV, the public radio and television stations at UGA, won statewide awards for excellence in broadcasting at the Georgia Association of Broadcasters Honors Night held June 7 in Atlanta.

“High Shoals Drifter,” an audio essay that airs weekly on WUGA-FM, received the award for best short form feature. The program is produced and broadcast through a partnership between community member Eddie dePeterse and WUGA radio. The vignettes, which cover a variety of local subjects-from humorous to sentimental-are written by dePeterse and are voiced by Doug Hatch. WUGA’s program was awarded the Gabby in the category of radio markets of 50,000 or more listeners-including Atlanta.

WUGA-TV received the merit award for the documentary “ARCO in Venice.” The documentary chronicles UGA’s ARCO Chamber Orchestra in its journey to perform a UNESCO-sponsored concert at the La Fenice Opera House in Venice, Italy. “ARCO in Venice” was produced and directed by Alan Flurry of the Franklin College of Arts and Sciences.

Also, Chris Shupe from WUGA-FM and Alexia Ridley with WUGA-TV and radio served as on-stage award presenters during the event.