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Animal scientist heads agricultural, natural resources program

Mark McCann

The former head of the Virginia Cooperative Extension started Oct. 1 as assistant dean for UGA Cooperative Extension.

Mark McCann, who has had a long career in agricultural research and outreach in Virginia, is responsible for assisting with UGA Extension’s operations as well as leading agricultural and natural resources programming.

“Mark’s long history with Extension in Virginia and in Georgia gives him a familiarity that allows him to hit the ground running, but also gives him the perspective that comes with having worked in another Extension system,” said Laura Perry Johnson, associate dean for UGA Extension. “We are very excited to have him join our work family and excited to work with him to build a second, impactful century for UGA Extension.”

McCann received his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in animal science from North Carolina State University and his doctorate in agriculture from Texas Tech University.

McCann served as director of Virginia Cooperative Extension between 2005 and 2009. Most recently, he was a professor of animal and poultry science and an Extension beef specialist at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg.

He started his career as an assistant professor and Extension beef specialist in UGA’s animal and dairy science department.

During the seminar McCann gave as part of the interview process in June, he outlined his plans to keep UGA Extension responsive to diverse communities across Georgia.

He shared his vision for UGA Extension moving into the future by fostering partnerships and relationships inside and outside the Cooperative Extension System, by monitoring the impacts of Extension programs and by monitoring and responding to the needs of the state.