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Meet some #UGA18 graduates

The University of Georgia’s newest class of more than 5,800 graduates will earn their degrees May 4, joining a network of UGA alumni more than 310,000 strong. In honor of their accomplishment, we’re highlighting some of the graduates from across the university.

Victoria Barker

Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia
School/College: School of Law
Degree: Juris Doctor

What’s next: Taking the bar in July and then on to a first-year associate position at DLA Piper Global Law Firm in Washington, D.C.

“Throughout my time at UGA for both undergrad and law school, I have learned the value of relationships: It truly has taken an incredibly supportive community to get me to where I am today. I am excited—and slightly terrified—to take the next step to apply all that I have learned from my professors, mentors, friends and colleagues over the last three years of law school, and I hope to have the opportunity to support younger law students as they prepare to enter the same profession one day.”

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Lizzy Isgar

Lizzy Isgar plans to work in marketing or management with a major food corporation and wants to explore corporate social responsibility as it relates to the food industry. (Photo by Peter Frey/UGA)
Hometown: Los Angeles, California
School/College: College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences
Degree: B.S.A, Food Industry Marketing and Administration, with a certificate in entrepreneurship

What’s next: Graduate school at Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business

“The experiential learning opportunities available to me at UGA made my experience here invaluable. From study abroad and internships to attending industry conferences around the country, I saw just how applicable my major was in the real world. Time flies when you’re having fun too! Four years in Athens sure went by fast while competing on the UGA Club Tennis Team and cheering on the Dawgs with my sorority sisters in Sanford Stadium.”

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Nettie Brown

Nettie Brown lab coat-h
Hometown: Lithonia, Georgia
School/College: College of Engineering
Degree: B.S.B.Ch.E., Biochemical Engineering

What’s next: Graduate school for a doctorate in biomedical engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology and Emory University’s joint program.

“UGA has allowed me to develop as a leader, serve my community and present research on a national and international level. I am excited to use all of the skills and knowledge I’ve learned at UGA along with the networks I have developed to help me be successful in the next steps of my educational career.”

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Rishi Masalia

Rishi Masalia
Hometown: Phoenix, Arizona
School/College: Franklin College of Arts and Sciences
Degree: Ph.D., Plant Biology

What’s next: Working as a post-doctoral researcher in professor of plant biology John Burke’s lab at UGA and continuing to participate in Athens Science Café, Athens Science Observer and the American Society of Plant Biologists

“One of the most valuable life skills I’ve gained through my time at UGA is leadership. Through opportunities the university provided and some that I created myself, I have learned how to manage organizations and teams of dedicated students and professionals so that we may collectively better the scientific environment both on and off campus.”

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Patrick Nicholson

Hometown: Mansfield, Massachusetts
School/College: Terry College of Business
Degree: B.B.A., Management Information Systems and Management, with a Beckham Workforce Diversity certificate

What’s next: A job in EY Advisory’s government and public sector in Washington, D.C.

“During my time studying on campus, I learned about the incredible power and the incredible risks that are associated with data and technology. I am looking forward to using this knowledge to ensure that our government is as efficient as possible while also maneuvering the technological risks of our 21st century world.”

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Morgan Easley

Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia
School/College: College of Family and Consumer Sciences
Degree: B.S.F.C.S., Human Development and Family Science

What’s next: Looking for a job in areas of public service.

“Two things I’m most excited about in my next chapter are landing my first ‘grown-up’ job post-graduation and experiencing life’s thrilling adventures that await my family, my friends and me!”

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Christian Cullen

For three years, Christian Cullen has conducted research surrounding immune response in cystic fibrosis lungs. (Photo by Dorothy Kozlowski/UGA)
Hometown: Newnan, Georgia
School/College: Franklin College of Arts & Sciences
Degree: B.S., Microbiology, with a certificate in African studies

What’s next: Med School at either Augusta University’s Medical College of Georgia or Wake Forest University and a career in pediatrics.

“I am excited to pursue my dream of serving others and finding new, innovative approaches to healthcare. These four years at UGA have shown me learned the value of I have found family in all corners of campus here at UGA and have learned that I hope to foster similar community in medical school.”

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Caroline Beadles

Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia
School/College: School of Public and International Affairs
Degree: B.A., International Affairs

What’s next: A year teaching English in Vietnam as a Fulbright Scholar, then the physician assistant program at Augusta University.

“The most valuable thing I learned over my four years is that it is the people at this phenomenal university in whom you invest that will fiercely challenge you to grow and progress. It is not your own personal ambition, academic prowess or leadership capabilities that will get you where you want to be.”

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Caroline Geiger

Hometown: Roswell, Georgia
School/College: Augusta University/University of Georgia Medical Partnership
Speciality: OB/GYN

What’s next: A residency in obstetrics and gynecology at the University of Massachusetts Medical School followed by a career in OB/GYN (hopefully in Athens)

“I am excited about the opportunity to develop long-term relationships with my future patients and to eventually have an impact on a community in my role as a physician. I look forward to becoming a lifelong learner as medicine and science drive change in the field of medicine throughout my career.”

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Olyn Gee

Hometown: Albany, Georgia
School/College: School of Public and International Affairs
Degree: A.B., Political Science

What’s next: Taking classes at the Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication

“I’m 70 years old—there’s nothing as much fun as going to classes and learning things. It’s as much fun as playing golf because you’re exposed every day to new ideas that you’ve never thought about. Every day, I go home and I have something on my mind that I’ve never thought about, a new way of looking at the world.”

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Akash Shah

Hometown: Stone Mountain, Georgia
School/College: Franklin College of Arts & Sciences
Degree: B.S., Biology and B.S., Cell Biology

What’s next: Teaching science to 6th to 12th graders in Atlanta through Teach for America

“While I was at the university, I’ve learned that growth occurs most when you’re uncomfortable and that, more often than not, it’s the class that challenges you the most that helps push you to the next level. I hope that, while being part of Teach for America in my home city, I’ll be able to share this knowledge along with advice that helped me with many of the struggles I encountered while growing up.”

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Caleb Adams

Hometown: Powder Springs, Georgia
School/College: Franklin College of Arts and Sciences
Degree: B.S., Computer Science

What’s next: A doctorate in computer science while continuing to further the Small Satellite Research Laboratory’s efforts to achieve a permanent presence in outer space for UGA and working on building autonomous robotic delivery networks with Cosmic Delivery

“My goal is to develop high performance computation system to aid in the automation of space systems and complex robotics. UGA provided me the resources, opportunities and connections to begin to reach these goals while I was still an undergraduate.”

Graham Grable

Hometown: Watkinsville, Georgia
School/College: College of Engineering
Degree: B.S., Mechanical Engineering

What’s next: Building autonomous robotic delivery networks with Cosmic Delivery

“My goal for the future is to build systems that can assist and aid people in any kind of situation. UGA has been a great launching point, enabling me to understand human needs and cultures, and I get to combine that knowledge with a unique engineering skillset and a background in satellites and robotics.”

Read more about Caleb and Graham here.

Hunter Smith

Hunter Smith
Hometown: Jesup, Georgia
School/College: School of Public and International Affairs
Degree: B.A., Political Science, with certificates in Personal and Organizational Leadership and Applied Politics and Public Affairs Communication

What’s next: Law school at the University of Georgia and a master’s degree in public affairs in higher education administration, with the hope of one day running for public office.

“My time at the University of Georgia has been a string of amazing opportunities I could never have imagined I would ever experience in my lifetime. That is the greatest lesson I have learned in my time here: that every person you meet, every class you take, every club you join and every moment you spend on this beautiful campus is an opportunity—seize it.”

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Christian Laurent

Photo of Christian Laurent in Visitors Center
Hometown: Suwanee, Georgia
College/School: Franklin College of Arts and Sciences
Degree: B.S. in Biology and A.B. in Spanish

What’s next: Hopefully a Global Health Security Fellowship at the Center of Disease and Prevention Control and then medical school

“No matter where I am or where I go, I know I will always be representing the University of Georgia as much as I was when I was a freshman on campus. This university has taught me to be remarkable in my own unique way. Sometimes you want to emulate someone’s style of success, only to find out that it does not work for you. Use what you know to be able to create your own definition of success that fits you.”

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Kathryne Wood

Hometown: Acworth, Georgia
School/College: Augusta University/University of Georgia Medical Partnership
Speciality: Neurology

What’s next: A residency in neurology at the Mayo Clinic School of Medicine and a career practicing neurology and engaging in translational research and public health projects

“I have always been excited by the potential for discovery that the nervous system holds. By conducting research, perhaps on movement disorders, neuro-infectious disease or vascular neuropathology, I hope to contribute to paradigm-shifting developments in diagnostics and therapeutics and translate new understandings of the brain into more effective clinical practice.”

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