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Red Thunder

The Performing Arts Center presents Red Thunder—The Next Generation Native Dance Theatre on Feb. 22 at 8 p.m. in Hodgson Concert Hall. Red Thunder celebrates the unique heritage of the Plains Indians with music, song and traditional dance while re-telling the stories that have been passed down through the generations. Tickets for the performance are $15 and $20 (half price for UGA students).

Based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Red Thunder has been educating and entertaining audiences of all ages since 1986. The members of The Next Generation belong to the Tsuu T’ina, Siksika and Lakota nations and perform in authentic costumes featuring vibrant feathers, intricate beadwork, buckskin, porcupine quill headdresses and handmade jewelry. Red Thunder’s performance includes Native sign language with English narrations, and the musical numbers include songs and dances of love, courtship, war, cultural pride and respect for Mother Earth.