UGA students cap their semester studying greenhouse management with poinsettia sale

Poinsettia sale 2014 Maya Baumeister
University of Georgia horticulture students

Athens, Ga. – The University of Georgia chapter of the horticultural honor society Pi Alpha Xi is selling poinsettias for $10 each to help fund the club’s operations over the next year. Pickup will be Dec. 6 at Greenhouse 13 on Riverbend Road.

The poinsettias come in three varieties of traditional red as well as some of the newest varieties on the market, including pink and white “Sparkling Punch,” hot pink and soft pink “Ice Punch” and the soft mottled red and cream “Monet Early.”

A team of senior horticulture students grew the crop this semester as part of the greenhouse management capstone class taught by horticulture professor Paul Thomas. The students wanted the experience of growing an entire greenhouse crop from start to finish using the format commercial growers use.

“This is an excellent class for students looking to get hands-on experience in a greenhouse setting,” said Lauren Muller, president of the UGA chapter of Pi Alpha Xi. “It allows us to use the knowledge we have gained through our college career in a tangible way.”

Each six-inch potted poinsettia was grown under sustainable greenhouse conditions in Athens from a tiny cutting. The overall health and quality of the poinsettia crop is quite good, Thomas said.

Students will use the money raised through the poinsettia sale to fund travel to academic and professional conferences and for their annual membership banquet. For more information, email pialphaxitau@gmail.com.